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What Is Chimney Flashing?

Chimney flashing is a type of roof flashing that creates a waterproof seal to protect your chimney and roof from water damage and penetration. Essentially, chimney flashing functions as weather stripping for your chimney and is made up of three major parts: step flashing, counter flashing—also called cap flashing—and base flashing.
Step flashing is an L-shaped piece of metal that lies under the roofing shingles and along the brick of your masonry chimney.

Counter or cap flashing is also an L-shaped metal piece, but it is designed to cover the step flashing and embedded into a groove cut in the chimney brickwork.
Base flashing is used at the joint between a vertical surface and the roofing surface, in this case the base of the chimney, guarding against water penetration.

These parts, together with caulk create a waterproof seal.

chimney leaks through the flashing

How Much Does It Cost To Have Chimney Flashing Repaired?

In some cases, all that is needed to resolve the leak is resealing the flashing with polyurethane caulk, roofing cement, or another type of flashing sealant. This assumes that flashing has been installed properly and is not warped or flared at the edges.
The cost for resealing the flashing around your chimney can range from $150 -$425 depending on the size of the chimney, chimney type, flashing material, and roof type.
If your flashing needs to be replaced, the cost can range from $750 to $1450 also depending on the size of the chimney, chimney type, flashing material and roof type.

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Vin Colangelo and his crew arrived promptly at 7 a.m., as scheduled. The new roofing materials and a dumpster had been delivered the previous day. They placed tarps on both the front and back of the house to collect debris and removed the existing roofing material. After repairing one small area of the wood roof, they proceeded to install the drip edging, ice and water barriers, flashing around the chimney and pipe vents, synthetic underlayment and the new shingles.

Robert K, Angie’s List Member

Stripped and re-shingled our roof. Met every expectation we had – professional, courteous, hard working team. Perfectly executed. Cleaned up when they left.

Peter K, Angie’s List Member

I was very impressed by their overall responsiveness, from the fast call back, on time arrival for our meeting and on the spot quotation. Vin was very accessible throughout the process. We had a last minute reschedule of our job (attributed to complication found at their previous job) that was handled very professionally. Their team worked well together and completed our roof I one day as committed. Best of all, my spouse liked their work, giving me no hesitation in recommending CD Roofing to others.

Suzanne J, Angie’s List Member

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